Why should you produce my record?

There are so many elements to a great production. I help my artists to achieve their very best in each and every area. I can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses in your song. I can help you find your unique voice so that your performance is moving. And I will ensure sure that the recording is professional and current in sound.

Can’t I just go to a studio and book time?

Absolutely! However, the majority of your favorite records were recorded over many days and months. That can be very costly. Booking just a day or two at a commercial facility may not give you the record you are desiring. However with me we’ll utilize my space for as much, if not all, of the production as we can. This will cut down on costs and save any remaining budget for booking these studios for only when we really need them.

I’m a singer songwriter and don’t have a band…

Great! I love love love working with singer songwriters. In fact, I often play many if not all of the instruments on a given song. Additionally, I have a network of pro musicians that I love to work with, many of whom have full time gigs with well known artists. These session musicians all do indie gigs when they are not out on tour or in the studio with their main employer. Ask me more about them. They are more affordable than you might think!

My record is already recorded so why should you mix it?

Great question! I’ve spent years mixing. I’m good at it and I believe I can help your songs move and groove the way you envision them to. A lot goes into a professional mix but it ultimately comes down to good ears and knowing how to use your tools.

Can you make me sound just like ______________?

Nope! Who would enjoy that anyway? I can however take a cue from whatever records inspired your music and put you in a similar sonic wheelhouse.

Why should I hire you to master my record? 

You shouldn’t! Mastering is a different art and I’m fortunate enough to work with some great engineers including Richard Dodd out of Nashville and when budgets can afford it, we should go that route. However, in a pinch i’ll master it.

OK, ok. So how much does all of this cost?

Rates vary a great deal. This is a good thing because they can change to fit the scope of any given project. Other factors include how much interest I have, the number of songs (yes I can discount), and my schedule. Send me a note and we’ll talk more!

I don’t see a gear list! Why?!

Eh, I might eventually add one. Ultimately you’re hiring me for my ears and my instincts. I do have great monitoring, great mic’s, great conversion and way too many plugins!

I still have some questions…

Contact me through this site and let’s have a chat!