Hello! Nice to meet you!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ted Swan and I'm a music producer. I'm also a mixer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist!

Are you a musical artist? Have you ever considered working with a producer for your next record? Have you already made a record but it just doesn't sound "alive" or profesional yet?

If any of your answers are "yes" then I'd love to chat with you. You see, I love working with artists who love crafting great songs, and great sounds as much as I do. There aren't many genre's that are unappealing to me. I love great songs whether it's country, rock, or somewhere in-between!

So a little bit about myself; I've been making records for almost 15 years. I've played guitar for 26 years. I studied music performance and audio recording in school. I'm super passionate about making music that moves people. I produce, record and mix full time for a living. I'm also not very good at introductions on here so send me a note and we can email or talk on the phone and get to know each other better!